Sodium (Na+) Ion Meters

Sodium is a problematic element in the soil. It is not an essential plant nutrient and whats more it can displace potassium to be taken in by the plants and cause great damage to your crops. When measuring your soil extract for EC (electrical conductivity) it is a great idea to also measure the sodium levels of the extract to see how much of the EC is represented by essential plant nutrients and which is represented by destructive sodium ions.

Sodium Meters

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Sodium Ion Calibration Solution Set 150 and 2000ppm (125mL each)

This calibration solution set features one bottle each of 150ppm and 2000ppm sodium ion calibration solution. Each of these 2 bottles is 125mL and is made from high density polyethylene which doesn't...
Sales price: $39.99

Horiba Cardy Sodium Ion Meter Replacement Sensor

Replacement sensor for the Cardy Sodium ion tester.
Sales price: $69.99
SKU: C-122-S

Horiba Cardy Salt Meter Replacement Sensor

This is the replacement sensor for the Horiba Cardy Salt Ion Meter (C-121). This sensor employs a selective sodium ion electrode that is unaffected by pH and the presence of other ions
Sales price: $69.99
SKU: C-121-S

Replacement Electrode for the Horiba LAQUA Twin Salt Meter B-721

This replacement electrode is designed for use with the Horiba LAQUA B-721 Salt Tester. It utilizes a flat electrode design that requires very little sample and that is ion selective to ignore pH and...
Sales price: $144.99
SKU: B-721_sensor

Replacement Sensor for Horiba LAQUA Na+ Sodium Ion Meter B-722

This is the replacement sensor for the Horiba LAQUA Na+ Sodium Ion Meter.When the old sensor on your meter starts to get worn out and wont calibrate properly, simply unclip the sensor and snap this...
Sales price: $144.99
SKU: B-722_Sensor

Horiba LAQUA NaCl+ Salt Tester Sodium Chloride Ion Meter (B-721)

The Horiba LAQUA NACL+ salt tester is designed with an ion selective flat sensor. This meter works by dropping the standards and the sample directly onto the sensor, saving calibration time and money.
Sales price: $344.99
SKU: B-721

Horiba LAQUA Na+ Sodium Ion Meter (B-722)

This sodium ion meter can measure samples as small as 0.3mL and can be used in the field or the lab. It has an ion selective sensor that disregards pH and most other ions.
Sales price: $344.99
SKU: B-722