3D Coyote Lifelike Bird and Animal Repellent

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This lifelike coyote is a humane way of repelling pests. Flexible and realistic, this three dimensional coyote is more effective than silhouettes and even moves in the breeze.

3D Coyote Lifelike Bird and Animal Repellent

  • Lifelike : 3 dimensional structure and moving tail accurately emulates what birds fear in a predator
  • Installs easily: place it anywhere that you can bury a stake.
  • Little/no maintenance: aside from occassionally moving the unit, no maintenance is required
  • Natural solution: 3D Coyote uses birds' instincts against them.
  • Chemical-free: no dangerous or unnatural chemicals in this unit.
  • 360 degree effectiveness: visible from any angle, safe, humane, and silent

Are geese, ducks, rabbits, skunks and other pests getting you down? With the lifelike menacing coyote on guard you won't have to worry anymore. This coyote is three dimensional, meaning it looks real from 360 degrees.

This is much more effective than a silhouette that looks completely fake when you get at the right angle. It is life sized and flexible, made of weatherproof EVA resin that will stand up to bad weather.

This forms a realistic shape that changes as the breeze blows. Comes on a rugged metal stake and even features a furry tail for added realism. Protecting your garden is as easy as setting up this coyote nearby.


  • Three Dimensional
  • Lifelike Design and Coloring
  • More Effecting Than Silhouettes
  • Humane
  • Flexible and Weatherproof
  • Life Sized
  • Dimensions: 37" x 8" x 16"
  • Protects From Geese, Rabbits, Skunks, Ducks, Small Animals
  • Metal Stake
  • Furry Tail
  • Changes Orientation With The Breeze

Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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