4 Outlet Load Switcher, 240V In, 120V Out, 120V Trigger

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This 4 outlet load switcher allows an external timer or controller to activate 4 outlets simultaneously. This switcher has a 15 amp circuit breaker for each outlet.

4 Outlet Load Switcher, 240V In, 120V Out, 120V Trigger


  • Activates 4 different high amperage devices with a timer or controller (not included)
  • Safely switches high amperage equipment on and off
  • Incorporated 0 to 20 minutes ON delay
  • ON delay prevents hot bulb start-ups or sequence activations to reduce electrical system loading
  • Capable of powering the outlets in 2 or 4 steps with an optional timer (sold separately)
  • Each outlet has a 15 amp circuit breaker
  • Safe and effective way to control multiple high output grow lights or other high load devices

This light load relay is designed to control multiple high intensity discharge bulbs, or other high load devices, from a single timer or controller. This load switcher has a 240 Volt input and operates 4 separate 120 Volt outlets. Each of these outlets has a built-in 15 amp circuit breaker for safe, precise control of each outlet.

All four outlets are activated by a single external timer or controller (not included). When this external device activates the load switcher then all 4 outlets are given power. This system allows a single 120V controller or timer to control the activation of four 120V devices.

Note: A timer or controller (not included) is needed to effectively operate this load switcher.

Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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