Ice Box Water Cooled Heat Exchanger 6in

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This water cooled heat exchanger circulates water through a radiator-like system to cool air after it passes over hot growing bulbs. Fits inline with ducts.

6” Ice Box Water Cooled Heat Exchanger


  • Engineered for maximum efficiency
  • Allows the user to keep a growing room sealed which keeps CO2 in and pests and pathogens out
  • Water that is approximately 10 degrees cooler than the room temp will eliminate the bulb heat from a 1000 watt lamp
  • Water that is approximately 20 degrees cooler than the room temp will reduce or even eliminate the need for air conditioning
  • Can be connected directly to the reflector or can be wall mounted with optional wall mount kit (not included, HSWM)
  • It can eliminate hot grow rooms and potentially damaging hot air circulated around hot growing bulbs
  • Cool air can come from a chiller system pumped from a reservoir or from a household cold water source

The Ice Box heat exchanger fits into ducts for air cooling hot grow bulbs. It is designed to be used after air has passed over the bulbs and, depending on the temperature of the cooling water, can eliminate most or all of the heat produced. This system uses tubing that circulates back and forth inside the exchanger with many small fins to produce the largest surface area possible for air to pass through.

This chilling effect keeps air cool after it passes over bulbs and is great for smaller growing areas or sealed grow rooms. The exchanger fits in-line with ducts and can be attached directly to growing reflectors or mounted to the wall. To work most efficiently this system should be used with an in-line fan and a sealed, air-cooled reflector.

Recommendations/Equipment Needed:

  • For proper functioning the Ice Box must be installed on the exiting air duct flange, not the incoming air
  • Air-cooled reflector and inline fan with approximately 250 CFM for maximum efficiency
  • Reflectors can be daisy chained using one fan as long as each reflector gets the same 250 CFM air flow
  • Pump sized at 300 to 500 GPH with 8 to 10 feet of lift/head pressure
  • Chiller size per 1000 watts: 1/4HP minimum, 1/3HP optimal
  • With properly sized chiller, reservoir size of 25 gallons is sufficient for almost any set up
  • For optimal performance use one Ice Box per reflector
  • Designed to use ½” tubing

Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs

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