Absorbalight Foliar Spray (1 Liter)

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Absorbalight provides direct energy for chlorophyll production and helps plants to grow more efficiently with lower light conditions. It increases the light absorbing chloroplasts and maximizes the natural response to lighting.

Absorbalight Foliar Spray (1 Liter)




  • Feeds plants through the foliage rather than the roots
  • Provides direct energy for chlorophyll production
  • Helps to restore the loss of natural photosynthetic power
  • Increases light absorbing chloroplasts, increases light interception and utilization while providing plants with necessary nutrients, amino acids and protein production
  • Maximizes plants natural response to lighting, which can be costly when artificial
  • Allows more light to be absorbed, increasing the efficiency of smaller indoor growing operations
  • Provides Krebs cycle metabolites to enhance cell efficiency
  • Easy to use with a built-in wetting agent to stick easily to plants
  • Highly concentrated formula

Absorbalight is an amazing foliar spray product that improves the light absorbing chloroplasts in plants. It also increases light interception and utilization which provides plants with important nutrients, amino acids and better protein production. Absorbalight features a built-in wetting agent that sticks to plants and facilitates the transfer of nutrients into plant cells.


This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of foliar sprays of any kind. The result is better light absorption by plants and more efficient use of costly indoor lighting. It improves the growing power of smaller indoor lighting systems as well as natural light. Absorbalight can be used with indoor and outdoor growing and makes any plant more receptive to the lighting available.




  • Mix 50 ml per Liter of water and spray onto the foliage of plants every 3 days

Note: This product cannot be sent to Mississippi. 


Unit Ship Weight: 3 lbs

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