Accu-sharp Easy Sharpener

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The accusharp sharpener features tungsten carbide inserts that are rugged and abrasive, sharpening anything including knives, axes, shears, scythes, machetes and much more. Also with a hand guard.

Accusharp Easy Sharpener

This handy sharpener tool features diamond honed tungsten carbide inserts that are pre-set at exactly the right angle. This means that no matter what you will have perfectly sharp blades. Great for sharpening knives, axes, scissors, shears, scythes, machetes and much more.

The inserts are replaceable are extra hard and extremely abrasive. The accusharp also features a comfortable handle with a hand guard to prevent accidental cutting. This design lets you use leverage and a smooth pulling action to quickly and easily put sharp edges on your tools.

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