Active Air Carbon Air Filter 25in x 5in 50 CFM (No Flange)

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This carbon air filter helps to remove particles, odors and contaminants from air. It can be fitted onto ducts and provides clean air for houses and growing spaces.

Active Air Carbon Air Filter 25” x 5” 50 CFM (No Flange)


  • Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel construction
  • Long lasting virgin activated charcoal
  • Charcoal is carefully packed to insure a consistent and even air flow throughout the carbon bed for a full usage of the filter and its durability
  • Recommended airflow: 50 cubic feet per minute
  • Helps to purify air by removing odors and contaminants
  • Changeable Velcro pre-filter collects dust and airborne particles
  • Shrink wrap to protect the charcoal and keep the filter clean
  • High grade activated charcoal guarantees maximum odor control
  • Large surface areas and 2.5” thick carbon bed results in optimum odor control and maximum efficiency
  • No maintenance required
  • Boxed in protective corrugated cardboard

This carbon air filter is designed to remove odors and airborne particles in a fast and efficient way. This filter is great for use with growing tents, growing rooms, greenhouses or houses in general. It can be fitted to duct work and a ventilation fan to move clean, fresh air into an area.

Fewer contaminants and particles in the air help to protect plants from mold and other airborne risks and provide plants, and people, cleaner and healthier air. The filter features a thick 2.5” charcoal bed that is uniformly situated around the filter. Having a uniform bed ensures maximum efficiency and won’t allow untreated air to pass through.

This filter also features a changeable pre-filter with Velcro that helps to remove larger particles such as dust from air entering the carbon part of the filter. The pre-filter increases the lifespan of the carbon filter and can be replaced.

Unit Ship Weight: 13 lbs

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