Active Air Duct Fan Speed Adjuster (Pack of 2)

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This adjustable fan speed controller allows the user to control the precise speed that their inline duct fan runs at. It also helps to prevent damage to the fan motor.

Active Air Duct Fan Speed Adjuster (pack of 2)


  • Pack of 2 speed adjusters.
  • Designed especially for centrifugal fans used in-line with ducts
  • Helps to prevent damage to fan motors, helping to ensure a longer life
  • Precisely adjust the speed of centrifugal fans without causing the motor to hum
  • This controller is more sensitive than any on the market
  • Internal, electronic auto-resetting circuit breaker
  • Rated for 15 amps
  • 120VAC voltage capacity
  • 1 year warranty

This fan speed adjuster directly controls the speed of multiple types of in-line duct fans. This adjuster helps to control the speed of fans without damaging the motor or making it hum. It is designed to change the speed of fan based on the percent of the total speed.

For example the user can dial the speed down to 70% of the maximum speed. This is great for more gentle ventilation practices and adds another element of control for the dedicated grower.

NOTE: Not recommended for use with non-Hydrofarm or non-Active Air fans or the 12" Max Fan





1 Year



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