Active Aqua 3’ x 3’ White Flood Table Cover

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This rugged white cover fits the HGFT33 flood table and protects plants from cold weather, airborne particles and damage when transporting.

Active Aqua 3’ x 3’ White Flood Table Cover


  • Fits the HGFT33 Flood Table that is also 3’ x 3’
  • White lid reflects light to minimize heat build up
  • Keep out dirt, bugs and other airborne particles
  • Maintains control over temperature and protect plants from fluctuating ambient air temperatures
  • Move table contents more easily while preventing spills or plant damage
  • Use separately from the flood table as a rugged tray or surface cover

This flood table cover is designed to securely fit onto the Active Aqua 3’ by 3’ flood tables. It is colored white and reflects excess light away from plants, keeping temperatures cooler inside.

This cover protects plants from colder ambient air temperatures which could damage sensitive plants in the flood table. The cover also protects these plants from damage when being transported and helps to keep the table and plants clean when cleaning or spraying in surrounding areas.

Unit Ship Weight: 12 lbs

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