Active Aqua Two-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

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This two stage reverse osmosis system features a carbon filter and a reverse osmosis membrane to purify water and remove chlorine and sediments.

Active Aqua Two-Stage Reverse Osmosis System


  • Generates small volumes of clean water on demand
  • 2 stage system utilizes a single heavy duty carbon block filter which removes chlorine and sediment and a thin-film composite reverse osmosis membrane
  • Carbon filter increases lifespan of reverse osmosis membrane
  • Heavy duty wall mounting bracket
  • Among the most economical RO systems in the world
  • Made in the USA

This reverse osmosis system uses two proven water purification techniques which are carbon filters and a reverse osmosis membrane. The water first passes through the carbon filter to remove large sediment and chlorine. The water then passes through the reverse osmosis membrane to create extremely pure, fresh water.

This system is designed to be used as a small scale on demand system, providing the user with small volumes of clean water whenever it is needed. It is made with non-corrosive materials and is designed to be mounted into existing water systems. It comes with the appropriate fittings and components for use right away.

Unit Ship Weight: 8 lbs

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