Advanced HID Lighting Controller with 15 Minute On-Delay 120V

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This device protects plants against high temperatures and also protects grow bulbs from power interruption related damage. This one device can save hundreds on replacement parts.

Advanced HID Lighting Controller with 15 Minute On-Delay 120V


Combines the advantages of the HLC1, HLC2, and HLC3 in one package.




  • Adjustable high temperature shutdown
  • 12ft remote temperature sensor with auto high temperature shut down
  • Auto power-up after temperature comes down 5 degrees
  • Power interruption sensing
  • 15 minute delay before switching power back on
  • Protects plants from high temperatures
  • Protects grow bulbs from “hot starts”
  • Money saving on both ends
  • 15 amp rating at 120 Volts

This device brings together multiple safety measures for protecting indoor lighting operations. It protects plants against high levels of heat produced by hot grow bulbs or defective cooling fans and protects the grow bulbs from power interruption damages.


It features a temperature probe which can be placed near plants which can trigger the fully adjustable high temperature limits, causing a shutdown. At the same time it prevents bulbs from being damaged by “hot starts”, which is when hot bulbs are re-ignited after a power interruption.


This restart can shorten the life of bulbs and can even ruin them. This one simple device can save money both on replacing plants but also costly grow bulbs.


Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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