Aeroflo 30 Site Aeroponic System

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This aeroponic system uses a super-oxygenated nutrient solution that is constantly circulated under plant roots. This provides plants with everything they need for aggressive growth.

Aeroflo 30 Site Aeroponic System


  • 30 plant sites
  • Generates a fine mist of nutrient solution
  • Optimal oxygen/water/nutrient ratio for ideal growth conditions
  • Great for all stages of growth
  • Plants roots grow in the moist air space between net cups
  • Cups hang in a shallow, constantly circulating bath of super-oxygenated nutrient solution
  • Dimensions: 2' x 7'
  • System includes:
    • 20 gallon reservoir
    • WaterPower 120 pump
    • Coco inserts
    • Plumbing and fittings
    • Leg stand
    • Nutrient solution
    • (3) 6’ grow chambers
    • Injection manifold
  • Great for growing lettuce, basil and other small plants up to 4 feet in height

The Aeroflo 30 Site Aeroponic system is great for growing multiple plants quickly and effectively. The system works by allowing plant roots to sit into a net pot that is exposed to a constantly circulating, super-oxygenated nutrient solution.

This provides roots with everything they need for aggressive plant growth and eliminates the need for plants to grow in soil. This system also allows the grower to know exactly what goes into their plants, making for a more sterile and sanitary growing area.

This system includes a large capacity reservoir that doesn’t require refills as frequently as other systems. This high performance system can be used again and again and allows the user to grow year round.

Unit Ship Weight: 77 lbs

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