Agritape Heating Mat with Ground Screen, 11" Width 10' Length

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The Agritape Heating mat is Ideal for germinating seeds and season extension. Includes a protective ground screen, can raise soil temperature by 20o F.  Rated at 20 watts per linear foot.

Agritape Heating Mat with Ground Screen, 11" Width 10' Length




  • Even heat distribution
  • Rated at 20 watts per linear foot (.1667 amps per foot)
  • Generates heat (up to 95° F) uniformly across surface
  • Can raise soil temperature by 20o F
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Includes a protective ground screen
  • Energy efficient and easy to use
  • Ideal for early germination and season extension

Get your seedlings off to a great start with this Agritape heating mat with protective ground screen. These heat mats can raise soil temperature by up to 20o F over ambient air temperature (room temps should be kept 50o  F or higher). Agritape heating mats are known for their high quality design, durability and affordability. Each kit comes with a 1 year limited warranty.


The ground screen is designed to protect the mat from physical damage and safely ground the current if the tape is penetrated. It also draws off static electrons that collect on the surface of the tape. It is placed over the heating mat and is connected to the ground wire from the control unit. Covering the heat mat and screen with a thin layer of plastic to keep plant food, fertilizers and water/moisture off of the mat surface is recommended to prevent potential corrosion.



A 20 or 13 Amp control is needed to use with this product (sold seperately). The mat heats up when it is electrified with standard house current (110 volts AC) and will generate a surface temperature approximately 85-95 degrees.


Installation instructions:

  1. Roll out the Agritape and plug it into the control unit (thermostat).
  2. Cover the Heat Mat with the ground screen.
  3. Connect the ground wire from the control unit to the screen.
  4. Plug in the control unit and place the bulb thermostat in the soil of the seed tray or container.
  5. Set the dial to the desired soil temperature.

Note: Insulation board may be installed under the Heat Mat to improve thermal efficiency. (Optional)

Unit ship weight: 3 lbs

Never plug in a mat while it is rolled up.

Do not bury mats in soil or sand etc.

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