AgroBrite T12 Daylight Fluorescent Grow Light 24in (Case of 12)

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This fluorescent bulb produces full spectrum light that is ideal for indoor growing applications. It is 24 inches long and has a T12 base.

AgroBrite T12 Daylight Fluorescent Grow Light 24” (Case of 12)


  • Sun-like light at an economical price
  • Full spectrum fluorescent bulbs are great for seedlings, cuttings, plants like African violets, orchids, flowering bulbs, vegetables and smaller houseplants
  • Great for use under counters, with plant carts or on a bench
  • Works well with the Jump Start light system
  • Color temperature: 6400K
  • Initial lumens: 875

These grow bulbs are great for growing all kinds of plants indoors at any time of the year. They operate with much lower power requirements than traditional growing lights while providing excellent light for plants.

These bulbs can grow plants throughout their entire lifecycle, saving money and hassle changing bulbs as plants grow bigger. The lower heat output of the fluorescent bulbs allow for much closer placement to plants, increasing light intensity and yields.



0.4 lbs.

Package Dimensions:

1.6L x 1.7W x 23.6H



Color Temp:


Base Type:


Rated Initial Lumens:


Unit Ship Weight: 8 lbs

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