Agrosun Gold Universal Halide Grow Bulb – 1000W

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This bulb is designed as an all-purpose grow bulb as it emits more red wavelengths than standard halides. Great for plant growth and fruiting/flowering.

Agrosun Gold Universal Halide Grow Bulb – 1000W


  • Spectrally-enhanced halide is an all-purpose bulb
  • Universal orientation bulb can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Best all-purpose growth and fruiting/flowering light you can use
  • Emits more of the red wavelengths than common halides while still producing excellent growth
  • “Gold Standard” in plant growth lighting
  • Outperformed common sodiums in a 4.5” Geranium Test
    • 45% more flowers produced
    • 25% more axillary branching

This bulb is designed to provide the same excellent light as other halide bulbs but with an enhanced spectrum also emits more of the red wavelengths to produce flowers and fruits. Agrosun Gold Halide bulbs are designed to serve as all-purpose grow bulbs that provide the light needed at every stage of a plants growth cycle.

This type of bulb even outperformed common sodium bulbs, which are designed to produce red wavelengths, producing more flowers and axillary branching in Geraniums. The bulbs can be positioned in any orientation to allow the user to produce high output light in any direction.



0.5 lbs.

Package Dimensions:

12.0L x 5.0W x 4.8H

Rated Wattage:


Base Type:

Mogul (E39)

HID Type:

Metal Halide

Rated Initial Lumens:


Color Temp:



1 Year

Bulb Orientation:


Bulb Shape:


Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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