Agtec Heavy Duty Grass and Gravel Paver 20in (Pack 10)

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Agtec Grass and Gravel Pavers are the perfect product for reinforcing grassy or gravel areas. They hold material in place and the rugged hexagonal design supports the weight of traffic above it. Comes in a pack of 10.

Agtec Heavy Duty Grass and Gravel Pavers - 10 Pack

(19.7" x 19.7" x 2")


  • Paver size: 19.7in (50cm) x 19.7in (50cm)  x 2in (5cm) – Four pavers covers 1 square meter (10.7 sq.ft).
  • Each paver covers 2.645 sq.ft. A pack of 10 covers 26.45 square feet.
  • Four pavers covers 10.7 sq.ft
  • Green color to blend in with turf
  • Tongue and groove locking system to join pavers together
  • Hexagon design stronger than circle or square designs
  • Load bearing pillars at the points of each cell for added strength
  • Holds material in place and reduces erosion and runoff
  • Made of 100% recycled plastic

Reinforce grass or gravel areas that are subject to high traffic with Agtec Grass and Gravel Pavers.  These pavers provide erosion and load bearing support to fill material where the ground is not strong enough to support the traffic alone.  Hexagonal cells hold the fill in place to prevent erosion and lateral movement.


These pavers are ideal for use on grassy roads, grass car parks, fields, golf clubs, equestrian parks, driveways, atv trails, boat access areasThey are also ideal for use in heavy duty gravel support areas. These pavers not only hold the gravel in place but they also add to the strength of the gravel making it ideal for extremely heavy traffic areas such as a construction sites or fire lanes.

Unit ship weight: 24lbs (Rated at 33lbs due to size)

Installation for grass or gravel:

  • Prepare ground by removing old soil and debris.
  • Grade and compact existing soils with tamper.
  • Preferably install drainage fabric or ground cover to separate layers of material.
  • Add 4-6” of base rock (Aashto No.57 stone) for drainage and stability. (Add an additional 2" of base rock for gravel installations)
  • Install drainage fabric or ground cover over rocks so the soil doesn’t wash away.
  • Position grass pavers and pin into place with anchor pins (cut grass pavers with reciprocating saw if necessary).
  • For Grass Areas: Fill grass pavers with good soil and top the pavers with either sod or a thin layer of soil and add grass seeds.
  • For Gravel Areas: Fill pavers with gravel and top with 1/2" layer.


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