Agtec Portable Sugar and Honey Refractometer With Copper ATC (58-92 Brix)

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High range, easy to use, heavy duty refractometer with a measurement range 58-92 Brix. Ideal for testing honey, maple syrup and sugar. Features built in temperature compensation and comes in durable hard case.

Agtec Portable Sugar and Honey Refractometer with Copper ATC (58-92 Brix)



  • Copper construction provides fast, efficient automatic temperature compensation compared to aluminum and plastic imitations
  • Adjustable eyepiece allows anyone to clearly view results
  • Analog design is robust, accurate, and requires no batteries 
  • Comes in a durable, foam-padded carrying case
  • Measuring range: 58-92% Brix
  • Accuracy: +/-0.5% Brix
  • Compensation temperature range: 10°C-30°C (50°F-86°F)
  • 1 year warranty

This heavy duty analog refractometer provides accurate and repeatable measurements on an easy to read scale. This instrument is great for the testing the amount of sugars and dissolved solids in highly concentrated sugar samples such as honey, maple syrup, and certain preserves. This refractometer features built-in automatic temperature compensation from 0 to 30 degrees C (50°F-86°F) so your brix readings aren't skewed by common temperature variations.


This instrument provides accurate readings with as little as 2 drops of solution which makes monitoring your sugar levels fast and simple. It is a valuable tool to help determine if a thickening solution is at the correct concentration. This highly portable device is ideal for spot testing in the field or at home.


To operate your refractometer simply adjust the focus of your eyepiece so that the scale appears clearly. Then open the prism and add at least 2 drops of your sample directly on the glass. Point the refractometer at any light source and your brix reading will be displayed. 


Our refractometers come factory calibrated and will usually require no adjustment for the life of the instrument. 


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