Agtec Trellis Support Netting 48in x 328ft Roll

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Agtec trellis netting can be used as a vertical or horizontal support for crops and flowers as they grow. Thin 8g/sqm yet extremely strong. UV Stabilized. Mesh size approx 6" x 7".

Agtec Trellis Support Netting 48" x 328' Roll



  • 48" x 328' or 1.2m x 100m
  • Double reinforced edges
  • UVA stabilized Polypropylene
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Light in weight
  • Cardboard core for easier unrolling
  • Mesh size approximately 6" x 7"

Agtec trellis support netting can be used either vertically to support your plants or horizontally in multiple layers. Plants can grow through the netting and be supported as it grows.

This UV stabilized polypropylene, is long lasting. Improves air circulation and sun exposure, and allows you to utilize your gardening space more efficienty. Growing with trellis netting reduces ground contact which can result in rotten crops.  Robust, flexible, tear-resistant, this netting is resistant to bacteria, chemical agents and mold.

Agtec trellis netting can be used as a vertical support for growing vegetables such as peas, tomatoes, pole beans and cucumbers because the plants attach easily to the net with no additional tying necessary.

When applied horizontally our trellis netting allows plants to grow up through multiple layers of netting. Great for flower beds and for use with fragile flowers and stems.


Unit Ship Weight: 3 lbs

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