Agtec Untreated Natural Burlap Roll 7 ounce (6ft x 100ft)

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Agtec burlap is a natural, untreated fabric that weighs 7 oz per square yard. Completely biodegradable and great for root ball wrapping, ground covering, decorative projects and more.

Agtec Untreated Natural Burlap Roll 7 oz (6ft x 100ft)  


  • Untreated, natural burlap biodegrades completely
  • Great for use around newly planted trees for soil stabilization 
  • Can be set directly in the ground when used as a root ball wrap
  • Weighs 7 oz per square yard of fabric
  • Economical yet strong 7 oz burlap can be used for a wide variety of projects
  • Ideal for plant nursery applications 
  • Also great for crafts, decoration and farmers market displays

Agtec Burlap is untreated, 7 oz fabric that is a natural tan color. This versatile fabric has many uses including tree wrapping, root ball covering, ground covering and wind breaking. It can also be used as soil stabilization for short term applications such as covering the ground around newly planted trees.

Burlap is also great for decorative purposes such as table covering, gift wrapping, window dressing, food displays, picture framing and much more. It has an attractive rustic appearance while still being a durable and easy to cut.

The 7 oz untreated burlap is made with completely natural ingredients and is designed to totally biodegrade over time. This makes burlap ideal for use as root ball wraps and ground covers that require no future removal. The untreated fabric adds no harmful chemicals or compounds to soil and is ideal for use in agriculture.


  • Root ball wrapping
  • Soil stabilization
  • Ground covering 
  • Tree wrapping
  • Windbreaks
  • Decorative purposes 
  • Soil seeding
  • Sack making

Unit ship weight: 29 lbs

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