Agtec Waterproof Liner 30 mil (per sq.ft.)

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Waterproof liners have many applications where an impermeable barrier is needed. This includes water containment, oil and waste containment, construction covers, drainage and irrigation lining, weed elimination and landscaping. 7+ year UV resistance.

Agtec Waterproof Liner 30 mil (per sq.ft.)




  • Impermeable liner is ideal for water and waste containment
  • UV resistant material retains over 90% strength after 2000 hours of direct sunlight
  • Hydrocarbon stable
  • Excellent hydrostatic resistance of 610 psi
  • Puncture resistant up to 202 lbs
  • Ideal for low temperature applications - resists cracking down to -85º F
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The high-strength Agtec Waterproof liners have many applications. Whether you are lining an irrigation pond, an industrial pond, a golf course water hazard or a water feature in your own front yard we have the right liner for you.


Whether it be a massive 150,000 square foot panel for lining a lake or a 500 square foot panel for your backyard pond, we can make it for you at a competitive price. The Agtec liners we can create are very large single panels, in order to minimize seams, and both our reinforced polyethylene (RPE) and reinforced polypropylene (RPP) liners are fish and plant safe.

Here is just a few of the many applications:


  • Pond, lake, stream, and waterway liner
  • Field, manure, and hay covers
  • Soil, irrigation, and manure containment
  • Construction cover and drainage
  • Containment for ponds, lagoons, fish farms and dams
  • Landscaping water features (golf hazards, waterfalls, etc)
  • Wastewater containment
  • Catch basin construction
  • Oil and mining pit containment
  • Area weed elimination
  • Vapor barrier



  • Description: black 12 x 12 count per inch
  • Weight: 15.6 oz./sq.yd. (+/-5%) - ASTM D751
  • Thickness: 30 mils (+/-10%) - ASTM D1777
  • Coating thickness: 5.5 mils each (+/-10%)
  • Tensile strength (grab method): md 345 lbs., td 420 lbs. - ASTM D7004
  • (strip method) md 235 lbs., td 300 lbs. - ASTM D7003
  • Tear strength (tongue method): md 50 lbs/inch, td 55lbs/inch - ASTM D5884
  • Bursting strength (mullen): 700 psi ASTM D751
  • Hydrostatic resistance: 610 psi ASTM D751
  • Puncture resistance: 202 lbs. ASTM D4833
  • Low temperature cold crack: -85º f ASTM D2136
  • Seam strength (shear), min.: seam shear should be >80% of the strip tensile of the base fabric - ASTM D7747
  • Seam strength (peel), min.: 4lbs/inch - ASTM D413
  • Carbon black content: 7.5% - ASTM D4218
  • Carbon black dispersion: Category 1 - ASTM D5596
  • Uv resistance: >90% strength retained after 2000 hrs - ASMT G151


Unit Ship Weight: 0.112 lb/square foot

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