Alvital Compact Digital Refractometer (0 to 50% Brix)

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This digital, optical refractometer measures sugar samples from 0 to 50% Brix. It is a compact design with a high accuracy and wide range. It is completely washable and features automatic temperature compensation.

Alvital Digital Optical Refractometer (0 to 50% Brix)




  • Wide range of 0 to 50% Brix
  • High accuracy of ±0.2% Brix
  • Measures hot samples
  • One-touch operation
  • Anti-ambient light interface is more accurate in brighter environments
  • Instant reading takes 2 seconds or less
  • Small sample requirements of 0.3ml
  • Automatic temperature compensation for samples
    • 5°C ~70°C (41°F~158°F)
  • Ambient temperature compensation
    • 10°C ~40°C (50°F~104°F)
  • Water resistant design is completely washable  

This compact, digital refractometer is designed to quickly and easily measure samples in a wide range of environments. It features automatic temperature compensation for samples and ambient temperature compensation. This allows the user to measure hot and cold samples in hot or cold environments. It features a wide measurement range that is typically not found in refractometers from 0 to 50% Brix.



The water resistant construction of this instrument allows the user to wash the meter off after use and the stainless steel sensor cup helps to bring sample temperatures closer to the meter temperature. This meter is compact and easy to transport in a pocket or on a wrist strap. It features a one-touch operation technique that is often found on far more expensive meters that accomplish the same results. The Alvital Refractometer has a high resolution of 0.1% Brix and an excellent accuracy of ±0.2% Brix.




  • Fruit and vegetable testing in stores.
  • Fruit and vegetable testing by farmers.
  • Beverage testing including fruit juices, coffee, soft drinks, tea, etc.
  • Food quality testing in restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and more.
  • Food processing and food production such as syrups and oils.
  • Wine and beer making. 



Measurement range:

Brix 0.0%~50.0%


Brix 0.1%


Brix +/- 0.2%


5~70°C (41~158°F)
Automatic Temperature Compensation


10~40°C (50~104°F)

Sample volume:

0.3ml or more

Measuring time:

Less than 2 seconds


Size AAA alkaline battery x 2

Battery Life:

Above 2,500 measurements with alkaline batteries

Protection class:

Equal to IP66 Water Resistant

and weight:

W53 x D27 x H114mm (W20.9” x D10.6” x H44.9”) 
100g (3.527oz)


Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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