Ames Natural Stepping Edger

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This edger utilizes a natural walk behind stepping motion. This allows you to step straight forward and follow along your edge, instead of shuffling sideways with other edgers.

Ames Natural Stepping Edger

A great design that utilizes your natural walking movement for edging power. Most edgers make you shuffle along sideways while stepping down to edge as you go, not with this tool. Walk straight forward in a natural motion stepping down straight ahead as you go.

You will wonder why all edgers are not designed this way. Edge walkways or along gardens in a fraction of the time as other edgers thanks to its ability to slice into soil and quickly and precisely reposition.

This tool features durable steel construction and a stainless steel blade that will never corrode. When you're finished edging turn the tool over and use it as a scraper to remove debris from your walkway quickly and easily. It also hangs folds up and hangs flat for easy storage.


  • Overall Length: 39.3"
  • Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Blade 11" Across
  • Curved Grip
  • Padded Grip

Unit Ship Weigh: 6 lbs

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