Analog Fruit Firmness Tester Tip - 3.5mm

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Stainless steel replacement tip for FP001 and FP002. Can be used on the FP003 if you use a formula to convert to a 3.5mm tip.

Analog Fruit Firmness Tester Replacement Tip - 3.5mm


  • Replacement tip for FP001 & FP002
  • Fits FP003 but will need formula to convert scale to correct resistance.
  • Stainless steel construction.

This stainless steel fruit firmness tester replacement tip is a replacement tip for the General Purpose Fruit Firmness tester and the Soft Fruit Firmness Tester. This can be also used on the All-Purpose Fruit Firmness tester however you will have to convert the reading on the scale for the 3.5mm Tip.

Model FP001 FP002
Range: 2-15kg/cm 2 0.5-4kg/cm 2
(×10 5pa) (×10 5pa)
Head Dim.: Φ3.5mm Φ3.5mm

Unit ship weight: 0.1Lbs

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