Andrews Soaker or Sprinkler Hose 50 ft

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This simple and effective hose will spray water from its 2 tube design down the length of the hose. Great for sprinkling long distances and if you flip it over it becomes a soaker hose!

Andrews Soaker or Sprinkler Hose 50 ft

This sprinkler hose is uniquely designed to spray your lawn over the length of the hose through small round holes. This design is made with double tubes so it will lay flat and effectively water from both sides of the hose. This hose is designed not to kink, mildew or stick together. It is made from green plastic and has a removable end clip for heavier watering if necessary.

If you want to put more water in a more specific area you can simply flip the hose over and it becomes a soaker hose, watering down the length of the hose more thoroughly than with sprinkling. This is a versatile and easy to use hose with nothing to go wrong or break like on many sprinklers.

Unit Ship Weight: 2.5lbs

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