Aquaspikes Time Release Watering Spikes (4 Pack)

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Simple and rugged 8 inch spikes for keeping your plants perfectly watered. Simply screw these spikes onto a 2 liter bottle and insert next to your plant. They slowly release the water to the roots!

Aquaspikes Time Release Watering Spikes (4 Pack)

These simple and rugged spikes transform any extra 2 liter bottle into a time release watering tool. Simply screw the 8 inch water spikes onto the bottles and insert them near your plants. The spikes slowly release the water keeping your plants perfectly watered even during dry weather.

Perfect for thirsty plants such as tomatoes and peppers and will reduce stress on the plants if they aren't constantly going from dry to wet. These aqua spikes are also a perfect way to deliver fertilizers and other water soluble beneficial mixtures for plants directly into the root system. This is a simple and effective way to regulate the water plants get.

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