Aquatic Rake - Clean Pools, Ponds and Water

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This rake is specially designed to remove weeds and debris from your waterways. The 28 inch head cuts and plucks every weed it touches and is great for keeping your water clean and great looking.

Aquatic Rake - Clean Pools, Ponds and Water

This rake is specially designed to work well underwater, on the water surface and on land. With a thin head for easy water movement and double sided rake blades this is the ultimate weed eradicating tool. This rake lets you keep your waterways clear of unsightly weeds and debris.

The sharp teeth cut and pluck all the weeds that they touch and make short work of any aquatic weeding job. The head is reversible and is attached to the handle with solid aluminum bracing.

The head is attached with a bolt that goes through both braces and the handle. The handle is 11' long so you can reach down into water from a dry place. The handle also disassembles for easy moving and storage.


  • Head Width: 28"
  • Handle Length: 11'
  • Handle Disassembles
  • Reversible Head
  • Sharp Teeth
  • Weight: 7 lbs

Unit Ship Weight: 7 lbs

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