Atago MASTER-50H Brix Refractometer

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0-50 Brix. The Master H Series refractometers is high temperature resistant, waterproof has Automatic Temperature Compensation and corrosion resisting tempered glass.

Atago MASTER-50H Brix Refractometer


  • High measurement range of 0-50% Brix.
  • Heat resistant for high-temperature samples
  • ATC - Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Waterproof
  • Corrosion resistant tempered glass
  • Daylight plate for small volume samples
  • Spoon shape prism tip allows you to add sample without lifting prism cover.
  • Smooth grip for better hygeine
  • Specially weighted for a balanced design.

The best quality handheld refractometers available. The Master H Series is designed to resist high temperatures which means a corrosion resistant tempered glass is used that also greatly increases the service life of the refractometer. The refractometer also compensates for high temperature samples (to around 100 Celsius, higher temperture samples should be cooled slightly) and features a waterproof design.


  • Lift the prism plate (or not if using the spoon shaped design feature)
  • Cover prism with the desired sample.
  • Hold up to the light and look through the eyepiece of the refractometer.
  • Read off where the line crosses the scale to obtain brix reading.
  • Immediately clean off the sample with distilled water and wipe dry.

Unit ship weight 2Lbs


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