Atago T3-NE Clinical Serum Protein, Urine, RI Refractometer

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This refractometer is designed for use in a clinical setting and measures Serum protein from 0.0-12.0 g/100ml, urine from 1.000 to 1.050 S.G. and Refractive Index from 1.3330 to 1.3600.

Atago T3-NE Clinical Serum Protein, Urine, RI Refractometer


  • Triple scale measures in three units
    • Serum protein concentration (0.0-12.0 g/100ml)
    • Urine specific gravity (1.000 to 1.050 S.G.)
    • Refractive index (1.3330 to 1.3600)
  • Hands free operation
  • Includes a stand with a space for a receptacle
  • The daylight plate has a handle for opening and closing
  • Simple operation requires only a few drops of sample
  • Dimensions: 10 x 17.3 x 21.5cm
  • Weight: 910g

This desktop clinical refractometer is a hands-free tool that features three different scales. It is designed to measure Serum protein from 0.0 to 12.0 g/100ml, Urine specific gravity from 1.000 to 1.050 and Refractive Index from 1.3330 to 1.3600.

This refractometer comes with a stand to stabilize the device on a flat surface. It features a handle on the daylight plate for opening and closing without having to touch any samples. This refractometer requires no batteries and is designed to be used in a clinical environment.

The design closely mimics the orientation of a microscope and other clinical, desktop instruments. The refractometer situated in this position keeps the lens more level and helps to eliminate sample loss. The unit features an adjustable focus to allow anyone to measure with this simple and precise device.

Unit Ship Weight: 3 lbs

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