Autopilot Analog 24hr Recycling Timer Controller

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This 24 hour recycling timer allows the user to determine exact on time and off time of a device. Great for exhaust fans or pumps that have to be turned on and off periodically.

Autopilot Analog 24hr Recycling Timer Controller


  • Precise cycle timer activates a 120V device that is plugged into it periodically
  • ON duration spans from 15 seconds to 5 hours
  • OFF duration spans from 15 seconds to 13 hours
  • Functions during the day, during the night or 24 hours
  • Controls pumps, fans, lights, A/C units, heaters and more on a periodic cycle
  • Analog control is durable, simple and effective, leaving no question as to the setting
  • Day/night detection to allow for better environmental control for units such as carbon dioxide injectors

This precise cycle timer is a simple and effective device for controlling any application requiring a device to be turned on and off at precise intervals. The timer can be used to control devices such as hydroponic pumps, carbon dioxide generators, turning on and off exhaust fans, misters, air conditioning units, heaters and much more.

It features simple “on time” and “off time” controls to leave no doubt of the intervals. There is no programming or complex instructions to follow making this one of the most simple and effective units on the market.



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