Autopilot Analog Carbon Dioxide Controller

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This controller automatically activates a separate carbon dioxide generator or tank. This keeps supplemental CO2 levels right where the user wants them.

Autopilot Analog Carbon Dioxide Controller


  • Economical and simple method of monitoring and controlling carbon dioxide in a growing area
  • Utilizes highly visible and intuitive LED indicator display to show generalized CO2 levels
  • LED indicator will blink to show the PPM level in increments of 100
  • 15’ remote sensor allows versatile placement within the growing area
  • Automatically activates a supplemental carbon dioxide generator or tank valve to increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air
  • Higher CO2 concentrations promote better plant growth, especially in enclosed growing areas where a lot of oxygen is generated

This controller automatically activates carbon dioxide generators or supplemental supplies of CO2. It is activated by a sensor that determines the exact parts per million of carbon dioxide present.

The user can set exactly what concentration they prefer in their growing environment as well as the dead band, or neutral band where no device is activated. This dead band prevents short cycling or constant starting and stopping of carbon dioxide generators. This controller features a 15’ remote sensor which can be placed all around a growing area to better determine carbon dioxide levels.

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