Autopilot Desktop Carbon Dioxide Monitor

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This carbon dioxide monitor has individual displays for CO2, ambient air temperature and relative humidity. It has a data logging function for 48 readings over 24 hours.

Autopilot Desktop Carbon Dioxide Monitor


  • Monitors the carbon dioxide concentration, ambient temperature and relative humidity
  • Built-in data logger can store 48 sets of CO2, temperature and humidity over 24 hours- one log every 30 minutes
  • Min/Max mode records the maximum and minimum concentration of CO2 since the device was last turned on
  • High altitude setting allows the user to compensate for specific location with adjustable altitude set points
  • High quality LCD display shows independent carbon dioxide, relative humidity and temperature readings
  • Calculates and displays ventilation rates
  • Attractive design is great for use at the office, in the home or in a growing area
  • Power adapter is included and accepts 110-240V, 50-60Hz

The Autopilot Carbon Dioxide Monitor is designed to provide current, accurate readings of CO2, relative humidity and ambient air temperature. It includes a built-in data logging function that can store 48 sets of CO2, relative humidity and temperature data over 24 hours. It logs readings every 30 minutes for that 24 hour period and can be reviewed at the users’ leisure.

It also features an indicator to determine ideal, normal or low growing conditions for plants. The high quality LCD display indicates individual readings of temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide and even calculates and displays ventilation rates. This desktop monitor is attractive and precise, making it ideal for use in the office, home or in a growing area or greenhouse.

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