Autopilot Digital CO2 Controller with Fuzzy Logic Mode

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This carbon dioxide controller features a CO2 sensor and light sensor to automatically activate a CO2 generator or tank when levels become lower than what is set.

Autopilot Digital CO2 Controller with Fuzzy Logic Mode


  • 15’ remote combination probe - CO2 sensor and photocell
  • Fuzzy logic mode calculates overshoot and allows for CO2 and air to mix properly
  • Fuzzy logic helps to save CO2 and keep more exact concentrations of CO2 and air
  • Standard logic mode is better for use with Carbon Dioxide Generators which are more cost effective to operate
  • Digital carbon dioxide controller eliminates guesswork while it controls your carbon dioxide level in an accurate and efficient way
  • Built-in data logger stores high and low readings for carbon dioxide parts per million
  • Adjustable CO2 Dead-Band

This digital CO2 controller features a combination probe to directly monitor the current carbon dioxide readings in a growing area. It uses this information to determine whether the supplemental carbon dioxide should be activated or not. This process is made even smarter with the addition of fuzzy logic, which helps to bring the carbon dioxide levels up gradually without overshooting the desired level.

It does this by allowing the carbon dioxide and air more time to mix and normalize, which gives a better reading on the sensor. This fuzzy logic mode helps to save on supplemental carbon dioxide costs and is desirable when using bottled CO2 tanks.

The standard logic mode simply releases the gas until the desired limit is reached, which can often overshoot the mark. This standard logic is better for use with carbon dioxide generators, which are more cost effective means of producing supplemental carbon dioxide.

This controller has an outlet for directly controlling a carbon dioxide generator or valve for a tank. It can be programmed to fit the exact needs of the user and even features a light sensing photocell to determine whether extra carbon dioxide is necessary. This means more savings on supplemental carbon dioxide and more efficient usage over time since plants require less CO2 during the night.



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