Autopilot Digital Environmental Controller

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This device controls the temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide level of a growing area by turning on other devices such as A/C, humidifiers and CO2 generators.

Autopilot Digital Environmental Controller


  • Precisely controls temperature and humidity in a growing area
  • Combines temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide controls together in one flexible unit with digital precision
  • Controls the temperature and humidity independently or synchronized
  • Day/night temperature set points
  • Remote 15’ temperature and humidity sensor
  • 4 outlets provide control for:
    • Cooling device
    • Night output device
    • Humidity device
    • Carbon dioxide generator or tank valve
  • Easy to use design has user friendly controls and labels

This Digital Environmental Controller is designed to control the entire environment within a growing area. It controls the carbon dioxide level, the humidity level and the temperature.

It even has the ability to power a device at night such as a heater or light. It has sensors for all parameters which enable it to precisely control each individually or, for temperature and humidity, in synchronization. The controller has 4 different outlets to control the cooling device (such as A/C), the humidity controlling device, a carbon dioxide generator or tank valve and a night output device.

The controller secures easily to a wall for easy access and control and takes the guesswork out of environmental control. Plants grow better in specific temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide ranges and having the ability to control them all simultaneously gives the user ultimate power over their growing operation.



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