Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller

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This Greenhouse Master Controller controls the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in a growing area. It features 4 individually controlled power outlets and has adjustable levels.

Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller


  • Controls up to 4 devices
  • Precise temperature, humidity and supplemental carbon dioxide control
  • Separate day/night temperature set-points
  • LED error indicators
  • Remote 15’ sensor for temperature, humidity and CO2
  • Fuzzy logic or standard logic adjustable
  • Built-in data logger keeps track of environmental data
  • Temperature and humidity mode can be interlocked or split
  • ETL Listed design
  • This controller has a 14.5A maximum load, for higher amperage units such as A/C units it is recommended to use a power expander

The Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller has the ability to directly control up to 4 devices to control the growing environment. The controller has sensors to precisely measure temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide in the growing area. Each of these parameters are directly controlled by specific power outlets. The user simply programs the specific levels of carbon dioxide, humidity and the temperature and the controller directly controls which units receive power when their corresponding levels dip below the set limit.

To control the different parameters the Autopilot Controller can provide power to devices such as heaters, humidifiers, de-humidifiers, fans and CO2 controllers or burners. This master controlling device takes all of the guesswork out of environmental control and allows the user to concentrate on other things. Simply set the desired limits, plug the different devices into the controller and the Greenhouse Master Controller does the rest.

As an added bonus the controller has separate day/night controls to allow for an even smarter controlling system. For example, during the night there is less oxygen created from photosynthesis and therefore carbon dioxide producers are not needed as much. This controller knows this and saves money on electricity and fuel used to produce supplemental carbon dioxide. It can also change the temperature requirements to better warm or cool the growing environment based on the time of day.



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