Autopilot High Power Grow Lamp Controller (120/240V, 60A)

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This high power controller can power multiple high intensity discharge lamps simultaneously and has power directly wired to it. It has a single trigger cable.

Autopilot High Power Grow Lamp Controller (120/240V, 60A)


  • Controls multiple lights from one time clock or controller device
  • 8000W output
  • Power is wired directly into the four-outlet timer box
  • All outlets are controlled by one 120V trigger cable
  • All outlets are rated for 60 amps at 120/240 volts
  • Trigger cable can be plugged into a standard 24-hour timer or environmental controller
  • This system enables a single controller or timer to operate multiple units simultaneously without overpowering the controlling unit
  • The APCL8DX has eight 120/240 volt receptacles to allow the user to run either 120 or 240V ballasts without rewiring anything

This premium quality industrial grade relay enables a single controller to power 8 different 120/240V receptacles. This high power controller is great for powering growing lamps and other equipment used in growing operations. Power is wired directly into the unit and it is activated by a single trigger cable.

This trigger cable can be plugged into a simple 24 hour timer or a complete environmental controller. The beauty of this system is its ability to power multiple high power devices simultaneously without overwhelming the timer or environmental controller. This device can control multiple high intensity discharge lights and other high power equipment with ease.



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3 Year

Unit Ship Weight: 6 lbs

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