Autopilot Master Digital Timer

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This timer controls multiple devices simultaneously and can power grow lights, ventilation, supplemental oxygen, pumps, heaters and more. With day and night operation.

Autopilot Master Digital Timer


  • Combination recycling and lighting timer
  • Dual timer functions
  • 24 hour time clock for lighting and a recycling timer for pumps or CO2 injection
  • 4 outlets:
    • One controls a pump or other recycling device
    • Two are for daytime devices such as lights and light movers
    • One is for a night device, which would turn on at night
  • Precise digital time clock has a battery backup
  • Adjustable high temperature shutdown and hot start prevention
  • Recycling on/off range – 1 second to 96 hours
  • 3’ remote temperature probe

This timer is designed to precisely control multiple devices from one unit. The digital time clock has a battery backup and is designed with multiple safety features such as a high temperature shutdown function. This detects unsafe high temperatures in the growing area and turns of the High Intensity Discharge lights in the event of a ventilation failure. It also has a hot start protection feature that ensures proper lamp cooling before attempting to re-fire the bulb. These two safety features alone will save the user time, money and potential fires.

The timer has 4 different outlets that are individually controlled for different uses. It features two daytime outlets for devices such as lights and light movers, one outlet for controlling a pump or other recycling device and one outlet for a night time device such as a heater or light. The start up time and duration can be programmed with this digital timer and the entire unit can be secured to a wall for easy operation. It features simple controls and clear labeling for great user friendliness.

Note: This controller has a 14.5A maximum load. For higher amperage units, or combined lighting wattage above 1200W, it is recommended to use a lighting controller.



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