Awesome Blossoms Superior Flower Stimulant 2-11-11 (20 Liter)

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This flowering stimulant uses a powerful blend of macro and micro nutrients with an ultra-fertilizing tincture of super phosphates. It promotes dense, lush blooms with excellent flavor and a huge quantity of essential oils. NPK ratio of 2-11-11.

Awesome Blossoms Superior Flower Stimulant 2-11-11 (20 Liter)




  • Promotes the growth of prolific and bold blooms in all flowering plants
  • Ultra-fertilizing tincture of super phosphates
  • Formulated with macro and micro nutrients
  • Stimulates dense, vigorous flowering
  • Promotes heavier blooms and multiple budding sites
  • For use at regular intervals throughout the flowering stage
  • Facilitates a crowning effect with new blossoms emerging from existing flowers
  • Promotes robust, explosive essential oil production
  • Amplifies aroma and flavor in all flowering and fruiting plants
  • Ideal for both hydroponics, soil-based growing, and soilless media
  • NPK ratio: 2-11-11

This scientifically blended, superior flowering stimulant allows plants to produce their maximum quantity and quality of blooms. It includes easily accessible macro and micro nutrients which stimulates dense, vigorous flowering. It is an ultra-fertilizing tincture of super phosphates that provides plants with all of the phosphorus they need and more.


This element is required for healthy flower and fruit production in plants, and this formula provides a huge of it. This mixture can be applied straight from a watering can or can be mixed directly into hydroponic reservoirs. Regular application of this nutrient allows plants to grow dense, flavorful blooms that are rich in essential oils. Awesome Blossoms is ideal for hydroponics, soil-based growth, and soilless growing media.


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