B.C. Grow Liquid Fertilizer 1-3-6 (65 liter)

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This liquid fertilizer is designed to promote larger, healthier plant growth. It includes a full complement of micro nutrients which maintain plant health and harvest quality. NPK ratio of 1-3-6.

B.C. Grow Liquid Fertilizer 1-3-6 (65 liter)


  • Contains a full compliment of micronutrients
  • Goes great with the B.C. Bloom and the B.C. Boost
  • Promotes faster, bigger growth from plants 
  • Brings a balance of nutrients in proper form
  • Minimal pH drift is assured, eliminating the need for constant adjustments
  • Allow for very minimal salt built-up
  • NPK ratio: 1-3-6
  • 3-part fertilizer is easy to mix and control with simple to follow mixing instructions printed on every label
  • Should be used with the B.C. Bloom and B.C. Boost for a complete growing routine

This liquid fertilizer is ideal for boosting the growth and health of plants while providing a full complement of micronutrients. It should be used during the growth stage in plants and provides the plant with a balanced and powerful range of beneficial nutrients. These elements are the basis for healthy plant growth and, eventually, an improved harvest.

The micronutrients included in this liquid fertilizer help to maintain over all plant health and harvest quality. It is extremely easy to mix and use and comes with instructions printed on every label. Great for improving soil quality and over all harvest quality.

Unit Ship Weight: 170 lbs

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