B’Cuzz PK 13-14 Flowering Booster Nutrient (5 Liter)

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B'Cuzz Flowering Booster features a large boost of phosphorus and potassium which help to promote firm, dense flowering. Great for maximizing a plant's flowering and fruiting output. NPK ratio of 0-13-14.

B’Cuzz PK 13-14 Flowering Booster Nutrient (5 Liter)


  • High-quality preparation of phosphorus and potassium
  • Boosts flowering and fruiting with a targeted macro nutrient formula
  • Ensures firm, dense flowers
  • The result of advanced bio-technology combined with studies in plant physiology and fertilization
  • Carefully formulated to maximize plant performance
  • NPK ratio: 0-13-14
  • For use with hydroponic systems and soil based growing

This flowering booster is designed with high levels of phosphorus and potassium. These two elements help to boost the flowering and fruiting in plants as well as gearing the plant toward blooming. It is an easy to use liquid booster that can simply be mixed into the nutrient tank with hydroponic operations and mixed with water and applied with a water can for soil based growing.

This high quality preparation ensures firm, dense flowers and larger, high quality fruit. When used with hydroponic growing this booster can be used in conjunction with decreased lighting time to shift plants into the blooming stage.

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