B’Cuzz Soil Micro Nutrient Kit with Stimulants (6 Piece)

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This kit includes 6 nutrients to increase the micro nutrients found in the soil as well as boost the rooting, growing and blooming abilities of the plants. Kit allows the user to mix and match and witness the growing potential of these nutrients.

B’Cuzz Soil Micro Nutrient Kit with Stimulants (6 Piece)

Kit Contains:

  • 355 ml Soil A Base Nutrients
  • 355 ml Soil B Base Nutrients
  • 355 ml of PK 13-14 Flowering Booster
  • 100 ml Bloom Stimulator
  • 100 ml Growth Stimulator
  • 100 ml Root Stimulator

This micro nutrient boosting kit is designed specifically for use with peat-based substrates. It improves the micro nutrient range of the growing medium and helps to promote plant growth throughout its life span. This kit includes the Soil A and B Base Nutrients as well as the PK 13-14 Flowering booster. The flowering booster provides a huge boost of phosphorus and potassium to the plant to help promote excellent flowering and fruiting.

Also included with this it are the 3 stimulants for roots, growth and blooming. These provide plants with an added kick to improve the root strength and disease resistance, the vegetative and structural growth and finally the blooming and fruiting size, quality and quantity.

Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs

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