Baler Twine 9000 ft

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This baler twine is tightly woven and comes in two, 20 lb spools. Totaling approximately 9000 feet, this baler twine has a breaking point of 130 lbs. Great for heavy bales and rough balers.

Baler Twine 9000 ft


  • Total Length: 9000 feet
  • Two, 20 lb spools per bale
  • Sold per bale
  • Tightly woven
  • 1-Ply
  • 130 lb test

This baler twine is a rugged, tightly woven twine spooled into 2 reels. Comes with two, 20 lb rolls per bale totaling approximately 9000 feet of twine. With a 130 lb test and made from all natural plant materials.

This twine is biodegradable and will break down so you're not left with twine over the years to clog up your machines. This twine is strong enough to stand up to heavy bales and rough balers, yet is still easily cut and biodegradable.

Unit Ship Weight: 42 lbs

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