Ball Mason Jars 16 oz Glass with Lids (Pack of 24)

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Ball Mason Jars are ideal for food storage and preservation over long periods of time. Glass construction and a threaded mouth make these resealable and reusable storage devices.

Ball Mason Jars 16 oz Glass with Lids (Pack of 24)



  • Long term food storage capability
  • Glass construction is ideal for practically any storage application
  • Food safe materials
  • Threaded wide mouth allows the user to screw down the metal ring to securely seal the lid
  • Available in multiple shapes and sizes

Ball Mason Jars are the ideal storage device for home made food and leftovers. They allow the user to securely seal and store many types of food for extended periods without the food being exposed to the environment.

The glass construction leaches no harmful elements into the food and prevents any air movement when sealed. Ball Mason Jars are reusable and resealable which makes them the ideal storage means for home made preserves, sauce, syrup, dried goods and practically anything else.

Note: New lids with built-in rubber gaskets should be purchased each time a jar is sealed.

Unit Ship Weight: 18 lbs

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