Bio-NRG Flavor C Taste Boosting Agent (20 Liter)

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This flavor boosting agent is made from organic ingredients including molasses, rock phosphate and seaweed. It provides plants with an easy source of nutrients known to improve the flavor of fruits and vegetables.

Bio-NRG Flavor C Taste Boosting Agent (20 Liter)


  • Enhances the flavor of the ripe fruits or vegetables
  • Organic flavor and taste improving agent
  • Provides plants with the nutrients they require for proper fruit ripening
  • Contents are derived from molasses, rock phosphate and seaweed
  • Note: Not suitable for irrigation systems as clogging may occur.

This organic flavor boosting agent does exactly what it says. With the use of organic ingredients based on molasses, rock phosphate and seaweed this product enhances and improves the taste of the ripe fruit or vegetables. Certain elements and nutrients are used by plants to produce more sugars and better flavors in their fruit.

This taste boosting agent simply provides plants with easy access to these nutrients. Ideal for fruits and vegetables but should not be used in irrigation systems as clogging could occur.

Unit Ship Weight: 55 lbs

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