BioThrive Grow Concentrated Nutrient (2.5 Gal.)

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This nutrient concentrate is designed to promote excellent foliage, strong structural growth and vigorous root development. Ideal for use during the growth stage of plants lives. NPK ratio of 4-3-3.

BioThrive Grow Concentrated Nutrient (2.5 Gal.)


  • Provides plants with essential nutrients for root, stem and foliage growth
  • NPK ratio: 4-3-3
  • Conceived from plant and mineral extracts
  • Vegan plant food
  • Pure and natural vegan formulation encourages beneficial microbial activity in the root zone
  • Ideal for all types of plants and can be used with garden soils and potting mixes
  • Works best with soils that contain a calcium source

The BioThrive Grow formula is designed to promote excellent foliage, structural and root growth. It features an NPK breakdown of 4-3-3 providing a relatively balanced breakdown. It helps to create a strong frame and is ideal for the growth stage of plants. It can be used for garden soils and potted plants a like, being the most effective with soils already containing calcium. If the soil requires a calcium boost we recommend using CaMag+.

Unit Ship Weight: 25 lbs

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