Botanicare Power Cloner 77 Plant Black

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This cloning system is designed to clone up to 77 times simultaneously. It features dense neoprene collars, a pump, spraying manifold and a reservoir all in one package.

Botanicare Power Cloner 77 Plant Black


  • Unique Botanicare cord guide is designed to block sprayed solution from cords and improve cord management
  • Grows up to 77 plants simultaneously
  • Excellent for cloning plants quickly and in large numbers
  • Internally seated tray resists spilling and drips solution reliably back into the reservoir
  • Customizable points for installation of spouts and fittings
  • Dense neoprene plant holders
  • Water volume indicator
  • Botanicare ceramic airstones with air pump
  • Note: Black Power Cloners do not include a Humidome cover

The Power Cloner system is designed to clone up to 77 separate plants simultaneously. It is a fully automated system that keeps plants moist and aerated, providing an optimal cloning environment. This system consists of a lower reservoir which houses a pump and a spraying manifold as well as the cloning solution and water.

Simply fill the reservoir with appropriate cloning solution at the right pH (more detailed instructions are included), place the clones gently into the neoprene plant holders and plug the system in. It typically takes around a week or so before the clones are ready to transplant.

The Power Cloner can be used with many different plants and saves the user money over time. This cloning machine allows the user to keep heirloom plants alive and multiplying, turning one plant into many. It is great for use in growing areas year round.

Unit Ship Weight: 20 lbs

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