Botanicare Silica Blast Yield Enhancer (5 Gal.)

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Silica Blast is designed to help plants flourish in challenging or stressful conditions. It strengthens plant stems and cells and increases the dry weight in most plant varieties. Ideal for hydroponics as well as soil based growing.

Botanicare Silica Blast Yield Enhancer (5 Gal.)


  • Helps plants to flourish in extreme growing environments
  • Promotes continued photosynthesis in hotter environments
  • Strengthens plant stems
  • Increases dry weight in most plant varieties
  • Stabilizes pH in re-circulating growing systems
  • Silicate increases dry weight in many plant varieties
  • Ideal for use in soilless container and hydroponic applications as well as traditional soil-based growing

This yield enhancing additive is a beneficial nutrient supplement designed to strengthen plant tissue and be used in conjunction with other nutrients. Silica Blast is ideal for use in Ebb and Flow systems as well as hydroponic applications and soil based growing. The silicate in this formula helps the formation of a sturdy silicate matrix in cell walls.

These strengthened cells result in reduced transpiration rates and allows the plant to continue photosynthesis under stressful or extreme growing situations. These situations include high heat, drought and frost.

Note: 1 gallon option pictured. 

Unit Ship Weight: 47 lbs

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