Brass Impact Sprinkler With Spike Base

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This brass impact sprinkler features a spike base and a pass through hose fitting for use with more than one sprinkler on a single water source. Made with brass fittings and a zinc bottom.

Brass Impact Sprinkler With Spike Base

This brass impact sprinkler comes with a zinc die cast spike base for quick and easy installation into the ground and for a rugged anchoring. This sprinkler head is made with brass fittings and brass workings and can be adjusted to spray in a full circle or partial circle.

The spray circle can spray up to 80' in diameter. The head uses a deflector and diffuser pin for easy adjustment of pattern and distance. The base features a pass through hose fitting, allowing you to connect subsequent hoses onto a single water source.

The spike base features 2 spikes, a main spike for vertical support and a secondary spike which prevents the unit from twisting. A series of these sprinklers makes up a great irrigation system for any environment.

Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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