BroadBand PRO Complete Bird Deterrent System

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This complete bird deterring system features 4 loud speakers which emit sonic and ultrasonic sounds to frighten birds. Also features 3 visual scares.

BroadBand PRO Complete Bird Deterrent System

Combines sonic and ultrasonic audio as well as visual deterrents to get rid of pest birds



  • Includes four loudspeakers which emit natural recordings
  • Loudspeakers can be placed throughout property at varying angles, heights and distances and come with 100ft. of wire each
  • Fully programmable design allows the user to control volume, sound delays and day/night operation
  • Combines sonic and ultrasonic sound waves to confuse, disorient and intimidate pest birds
    • Sonic: Uses bird distress calls and predator cries- covers up to 6 acres
    • Ultrasonic: Uses high-frequency sound waves- covers up to 3,600 square feet
  • Comes with 3 visual scares for maximum multi-faceted effects
  • Humane bird removal system
  • Weatherproof design features a NEMA rated casing which is designed to withstand outdoor use
  • Solar powered option for remote use

The BroadBand PRO bird deterring system is the complete bird removal package. It features both sonic and ultrasonic deterrents and comes with 3 visual scares to complete the illusion of a threat to birds. This is a comprehensive, multi-faceted audio attack that is designed to confuse, disorient and intimidate pest birds, keeping them away in a humane fashion.

This system features 4 loudspeakers which can be placed throughout property at varying heights, angles and distances to keep birds unsure and uncomfortable. The control unit allows the user to customize the sounds and the volume to best suit the environment being protected. The casing is weatherproof and designed to be used in outdoor environments despite rain.

This system is extremely flexible and adheres to the users requirements. It is the humane way to deter birds without using chemicals, pesticides or expensive netting. This system also has the option to be run from a solar panel and 12V DC battery (not included).

Unit Ship Weight: 27 lbs

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