Bulb Bopper Flower Bulb Drill Auger Planter

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This stainless steel auger quickly drills 2 inch holes in soil. It removes a core of soil and leaves a hole ideal for bulbs. Saves time and labor.

Bulb Bopper Flower Bulb Drill Auger Planter


  • Stainless steel design won’t corrode
  • Takes a “core sample” of soil from gardens or lawns
  • Drills a 2 inch diameter hole ideal for planting most kinds of bulbs
  • Soil can be dropped directly back into the hole after
  • Saves time, reduces digging work, and produces clean, professional results
  • For use with a 3.0 amp or larger corded drill with a 3/8” or larger chuck

The Bulb Bopper was designed with bulb planting in mind. Hours of digging, planting and refilling are now gone with the incredible Bulb Bopper. It quickly drills and removes a 2 inch diameter core of soil from a garden, lawn or pot. A bulb, seed or plant is then dropped into the hole where it is planted at exactly the right depth. The “core” of soil that was removed can then be either dropped back into the hole or discarded in one simple motion.

This auger planter saves time and labor and is designed to never corrode or decay thanks to its solid stainless steel design. All that is needed is a drill and a power source and you’re ready to start quickly, and professionally, planting bulbs, seeds and plants.

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