Can-Fan 781 C.F.M. High-Output Centrifugal Fan 10in 2.4 Amp

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The original Can-Fan is designed to fit inside ducts and vents to provide efficient ventilation for indoor growing operations, barns, sheds and houses.

Can-Fan 781 C.F.M. High-Output Centrifugal Fan 10" 2.4 Amp


  • Highly efficient air movement
  • High-Output models can be paired with can-fan filters for high air-quality
  • Heavy duty metal powder-coated housing
  • Can be run continuously
  • Fan sizes correspond to the diameter of the duct that is needed
  • Compact and quiet design for use in multiple applications
  • Certified to CSA, UL standards
  • 5 year warranty

The Can-Fan is designed to move large quantities of air in a short period of time. With a flange size that corresponds to sizes of ductwork for an in-line air exchange. This makes the Can-Fan ideal for use with ventilation systems either in ducts or vents.

The fan uses centrifugal forces to accelerate the air 90 degrees with a blades spinning around a central hub. This is an extremely efficient way to move air and makes for a compact, powerful fan. These fans can be used in residential applications, indoor growing systems, barn or shed ventilation and much more.

Plants that are grown inside lack the natural movement of air, reasonable temperatures and the steady levels of carbon dioxide. This can lead to stunted plant growth or low yields, wasting time and money.

When an indoor growing system is properly ventilated plants are allowed to grow naturally and produce the expected yields. Many people overlook the importance of indoor growing ventilation and suffer smaller yields as a result. The powerful Can-Fan in a vent can circulate air enough to produce healthy plant growth.

Unit Ship Weight: 14 lbs

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